West Edmonton roads getting better, say residents

By Isaac Kaplyuk

EDMONTON — Residents in west-end communities such as Callingwood and Meadowlark feel the city has finally set a reasonable pace for clearing snow.

Some people have felt the city wasn’t clearing the roads of ice and snow as fast as they should have.

“During the first part of January, and during the cold snaps, the roads were just terrible”, said Roman Bogdanov, 23, a resident of the Meadowlark area. “There were roads reduced to just two lanes in some places, and it made the rush hour crawl that much worse.”

However, others feel the city’s response to the most recent occurrence of snow over the past weekend was more impressive.

“I was driving home late at night down 87th Ave just shortly after the snow fell on the weekend and there were already trucks and crews clearing the roads,” said Patrick Herman, another resident of the Meadowlark area.  ”It definitely feels like the response to the snow fall was much quicker.”

This winter has seen a record-breaking amount of snowfall in Edmonton as city crews try to keep up.

For information, check out the city’s snow removal website here.

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