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  1. Neil Hill

    We need a voice in a very serious matter and we need to speak to our MP. Our family has been plagued with serious and mentally damaging issues in regards to Manulife and it seems they are toying with our lives like we are nothing to them. Please contact us as soon as possible we need to find a resolve ASAP as its tearing us apart financially as well and Linda whom I am referring to “my wife is on her last legs.” Please help us PLEASE!!!!
    Neil Hill

  2. Trevor

    Sooooo where did all the stories go….nothing new in awhile. Is the site dead?

  3. Hi, Trevor. Not dead, just resting — new stories will be posted starting Jan. 23.

  4. pia

    please do let me know when u r having craft fair this year so that i can apply

  5. frid fiddler

    would like to know when the next storage auction is?

  6. karen sigurdson

    Lori Sigurdson would like equal time to what you provided for Steve Young and John Corie to discuss the NDP’s ideas for Edmonton Riverview in your publication. Please contact me and I can arrange an interview with her for you. Thanks.

  7. Hi Karen,
    Feel free to email with any story ideas you might have. You may also email a specific Government reporter. All emails are listed in our Contributors section.

  8. I am free tomorrow april 25th to help collect signs. catch me on my cell 780-2352618
    if you need any help.

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