Beat: Arts and Culture

Vickie Laliotis

Vickie is a second-year journalism student at Grant MacEwan University. She has been published locally in SEE! Magazine, the MacEwan Journalist and the Griff, while her fashion blog has attracted attention from MTV Style, Teen Vogue, Profile Magazine, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Vickie hopes to pursue a career in fashion journalism and travel the world.

Twitter: @AdvInFashion

Aaron Taylor

Aaron is a journalism student in his second year at Grant MacEwan University. Apart from his work on West Edmonton Local, he interned at the Edmonton Journal during the IIHF world under-20 hockey championships, and runs egocentric movie blog.

Twitter: @AnMTaylor

Christina Zoernig

After a colourful childhood in countries like Venezuela, Korea and Vietnam, Christina is fascinated by the outside world through media and communication. Now a second-year student at Grant MacEwan University, she has learned to hone her skills as a storyteller and writer. Her ambitions include a career with National Geographic where she can utilize her skills in photojournalism, writing and communication. For now, she keeps herself busy through competitive Irish dancing and work.

Twitter: @czoernig


Beat: Business

Lacey Morris

Lacey is a second-year journalism student at Grant MacEwan University. She has a passion for film, music and the arts, and aspires to be a great entertainment writer/reporter and film critic. Her work has appeared in several alternative entertainment publications, both online and print, and she is also a regular contributor to the MacEwan student newspaper, The Griff.

Twitter: @LaceyPaige88

Jeremy Jagodzinski

Jeremy has a BA in classical history and is in his final year of study at Grant MacEwan University. He is enrolled in the journalism program. Jeremy has a passion for photography and has been working on putting together a photo collection on homelessness in Edmonton. He also has an interest in unconventional stories and trying to think of subjects in new ways. He enjoys the investigation process and hopes to combine his love for the unusual with his love for the thrill of the chase.

Twitter: @jeremyjago


Beat: Community

Erin Cripps-Woods

Erin is a second-year journalism student at Grant MacEwan University. She has contributed to rural newspapers such as the Westakiwin Times. Her interests include the outdoors, travelling, music, writing and photography. She aspires to be a part of National Geographic as a roaming photojournalist.

Twitter: @ErinCWoods

Kimberly Melo

Kimberly Melo is a second-year journalism student at Grant MacEwan University. She plans to move forward to obtain a bachelor degree in communications. She hopes to pursue a career in broadcast journalism or corporate communications due to her passion for writing and love of news.

Twitter: @KimberlyKMelo

Heather Rastas

Heather is a second-year journalism student at Grant MacEwan University. Her interests include traveling, ancient history, writing, world events and culture. She wants to someday learn Spanish and at least two other languages. She has lived and travelled in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Mexico City. Heather is living life one day at a time and is looking forward to whatever may be next.

Twitter: @hezrastas

Kjell Wickstrom

Kjell is a second-year journalism student from Grant MacEwan University. He grew up in Camrose, Alta.,  and attended the University of Alberta, where he got a bachelor’s degree in biology. Kjell is passionate about science and education, and wants to do his best to help others understand stories that are sometimes confusing but still important.

Twitter:  @KjWick


Beat: Education

Maxwell Rausch

Maxwell Rausch is a second-year  journalism student from Grant MacEwan University. He has experience writing a variety of stories including politics, business, and theatre and music. Currently he is on the education beat for West Edmonton Local.

Twitter: @MaxRausch

Anna-Grae York

Anna is a second-year student studying journalism at Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton. She lives in St. Albert and hopes to one day land a job in which the love of food and the written word marry.

Twitter: @annagyork


Beat: Government

Tejay Gardiner

Tejay is in her final semester of the journalism diploma program. She covers west Edmonton political happenings and hopes to continue along this path when she graduates.

Twitter: @tejaygardiner

Timothy Gerwing

Timothy Gerwing is a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan. He is currently attending the Journalism program at Grant MacEwan University. His work has been featured in the Sheaf, L.A. Weekly, the Star Phoenix, Inkspots and CBC radio Edmonton. He covers the government beat for West Edmonton Local, and is a fan of music, books, politics and baseball.

Twitter: @GerwingTim

Elizabeth Walters

Elizabeth Walters is currently in the journalism program at Grant MacEwan. She hopes to become wildly successful in the future and travel the world.

Twitter: @LizzyCWalters


Beat: Sports and Recreation

Craig Fraser

Craig grew up out in the country on an acreage, playing sports, camping, travelling, and being infatuated with the outdoor peace and quiet. He lives just north of Spruce Grove, Alta. He has ambitions in sports or music, in radio and television. His ultimate dream is to be a play-by-play person for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Email: Twitter: @iamtheRENEGADE

Tyler Loutan

Tyler is 24-year-old Edmontonian in the second and final year of the Grant MacEwan University journalism diploma program. Tyler is a NAIT culinary arts graduate, but now hopes to be a sports reporter with an ultimate goal of working for World Wrestling Entertainment.

Twitter: @TMLoutan

Cheryl Walsh

Cheryl is a second-year journalism student at Grant MacEwan University.. She loves writing, reading and all things sports. She is originally from Comox, B.C., and is a avid Calgary Flames fan. She hopes to one day have a career in sports broadcasting.

Twitter: @cherylx21

Beat: Trouble

Shaamini Yogaretnam

Shaamini is a second-year journalism student at Grant MacEwan University who is eager to look for trouble on her beat. She is interested in journalism, gender, politics, media and all the ways they intersect – especially in the online world. She is a former editorial intern at bitch magazine – a feminist response to pop culture
Twitter: @shaaminiwhy


Karen Unland, Adviser

Karen teaches news production and journalism at MacEwan University. She spent 14 years at the Edmonton Journal, four of which were as the editor in charge of




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