World Vision builds a village at West Edmonton Mall

By Lacey Morris

Ruby Franko - One Life

Ruby Franko, a volunteer at World Vision's One Life Exhibit in West Edmonton Mall. Photograph by Lacey Morris.

EDMONTON — West Edmonton Mall is just one of the many locations across North America that is currently featuring the World Vision organization’s One Life Exhibit. The exhibit — an interactive experience combining audio, real photos and displays organized in a 2,000-square-foot area located on the first floor of Phase IV of the mall — depicts the lives of four people that are sponsored by the organization: Beatrice, Steven, Timothy and Olivia.

The exhibit attracted a regular flow of interested mall patrons — ranging from young children to the elderly — on Monday, March 12. Volunteers Ruby Franko and Alexandria Fortier gave guests an introduction to the One Life Exhibit, a brief summary of the World Vision organization and instructions on how to use the audio equipment, then proceeded to send them off into a new, harsh reality — a reality that exists on the other side of the world, in third-world countries where starvation and AIDS take thousands of lives every day.

World Vision is an international not-for-profit organization that came to fruition in 1977. The organization has an Evangelical Christian religious background and focuses on providing support and advocacy to people struggling in undeveloped countries in hopes of overcoming poverty and injustice.

For more information on the organization and its campaigns, visit the World Vision website. Here’s a look at the exhibit:

This is one moment in a Day in the Life of west Edmonton, a West Edmonton Local project, conducted on March 12, 2012.

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