Winning Wines spreads holiday cheer

Winning Wines Plus

By Heather Rastas

EDMONTON — Winning Wines Plus started out in 1985 on a $6,000 grant from the Alberta government and a belief that there was money to be made in helping people make wine at home.

Over time the company has given up on wholesaling, but retail is going strong, with seven locations across the Edmonton area, including one at 10120 149 St.

Company owner Marg Pettitt and her husband have seen many companies come and go over the years, as homemade wine has come in and out of fashion.

A resurging interest in microbrewing beer is fuelling sales at Winning Wines Plus these days. The store even has its own microbrewed beer called Alberta Classic Brown Ale.

“There are no simple sugars, it’s all grain and it’s handcrafted,” said Pettitt.

Take a look inside Winning Wines Plus, and hear Marg Pettitt describe a holiday wine that can be made from a kit sold in her store: