West Meadowlark community hosts ladies spa night

By Erin Cripps-Woods

WEST MEADOWLARK — When dozens of women gathered in West Meadowlark for a “pampering night” on Nov.19, they did more than just get pedicures – they were building community.

The Ladies Pampering Night has been in the West Meadowlark community for six years and was started by a local woman. Nancy Hiemstra developed this night of enjoyment for women of the community.

“If we can do something that can get 80 ladies out, it’s great,” Hiemstra said before the event.

Allan Bolstad, executive director of the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues, said the event is an example of the many things community leagues are doing the make themselves more relevant to the neighbourhoods they serve.

“It’s a good way to make friends and meet people,” said Bolstad.

Since starting in 2005, the night has reached full capacity for the last three years and sees new spa treatments every time. This year Hiemstra found a woman to come out and do threading, which is an eyebrow plucking technique used instead of waxing.

Heimstra’s two daughters also help out with the event. One of her daughters brought the idea of threading back to her mother after experiencing it during a trip to Africa.

All of the services provided are by people who are in or around the city of Edmonton. The evening includes massage, reflexology, facial waxing, mini manicures, mini pedicures, mini facials, tarot, palm and numerology readings, henna, threading, toenail art, hair cutting, eyelash and eyebrow tinting, raffles and snacks.

The Ladies Pampering Night was held in the West Meadowlark Hall and since it was a community event there was no charge for the hall. Any profit from the event goes back to the community league. Admission was $10 in advance or $15 at the door. The spa treatments ranged in price from $5 to $20. The vendors offered their services at a reduced rate as a way of contributing to the community and advertising their services.

The EFCL has various promotions going on and is presently gearing up for some outdoor events to raise interest in the many community leagues around the city.

“We want people to feel good about where they live,” said Bolstad.

The EFCL is also reaching out to encourage immigrant communities to get involved, and is developing a renewable energy initiative that encourages community halls to install solar panels.

The next Ladies Pampering Night at West Meadowlark Hall will be held on May 5. More information can be found on the West Meadowlark Community League website, Facebook and the community newsletter.