Stony Plain Road holistic urban market plan slowed by location dilemma

By Anna-Grae York

EDMONTON — The Stony Plain Road and Area Business Association has plans to establish a holistic urban market in the area in an effort to revitalize business development, but securing a location is a big challenge.

Known as the HUM, it would be a year-round indoor and outdoor farmers market that would offer something other markets do not: a lifestyle approach.

“There are actually a few just normal farmers markets around, and what I didn’t think we needed was to compete with other markets,” said Diane Kereluk, the executive director of the Stony Plain Road and Area Business Association.

Kereluk says the essence of the market would be a better lifestyle. It would promote a healthy, holistic outlook on not only food, but other types of products as well.

“This isn’t just about the market, it’s about learning to take care of yourself,” she said.

Holistic Urban Market 1
A baron piece of land on Stony Plain Road remains unused. The Stony Plain Road Business association is still on the hunt for a location for their plans to set up a holistic urban market. Photograph by Anna-Grae York.

Jamie Post, editor of the Stony Plain Urban Revitalization Report, thinks the concept would greatly increase business traffic to Stony Plain Road, which is exactly the reason the idea came into being.

“I’m excited to see it happen,” he said. “It’s a cool idea that I think would fit in well in a commercial corridor surrounded by residential communities. The more amenities we have nearby that allow us to live local, the better.”

Post thinks the idea has the potential to be the unique asset the area needs to meet the revitalization goal.

“A big part of revitalization is creating and attracting destinations, businesses, and public spaces that draw people in and create pride in an area,” he said.

However, the association is struggling with to find a location for the market. Kereluk says that the ideal landlord would be the City of Edmonton, but it all depends on their agenda.

“We’ve done a research and business proposal, but like I said, we still need a location,” she said.

The association has its eye on the Grant MacEwan Centre for the Arts and Communications building, located at 10045 156 St. Grant MacEwan has set a plan in motion to condense all four of its campuses into one at the City Centre location within the next 10 years. Since the arts campus programs will be the first to move, the building would be vacant within the next few years. The market would take up only a portion of the building, not the whole thing.

Kereluk is hoping the timing is right for the market to move into the orange giant, but says it all depends on how things play out.

“I mean, it all depends on what the plan of the City of Edmonton is,” she said. “If the LRT came here in the next 10, 15 years, that’d be great too.”

According to Kereluk, there has been some interest from existing businesses wanting to partake in the market, but the association has no solid plan to offer them yet.

There are currently no scheduled meetings on the Holistic Urban Market, but you can find new updates on the Stony Plain Road and Area Business Association website, as well as contact information if you’d like to get involved.